Crosser Fog Computing Overview

Solution Overview

Our product family of realtime servers consists of a purpose-build Crosser Fog Node to be deployed in the Edge, close to the IoT devices, and a Crosser Cloud Server to enable a hierarchy and management of multiple Crosser Fog Nodes.

We also offer Crosser Embedded Server for application or systems developers that want to realtime enable or fogify their software or hardware products.

Crosser Fog Node

Crosser Fog Node

Deploy Crosser Fog Node close to your IoT devices for realtime local actions to lower bandwidth and Cloud Service costs.

  • Runs on Linux, Unix or Windows
  • Small footprint, requires less than 10 MB memory
  • Easy to learn user interface with drag ‘n drop Business Rules Engine
  • Install on basically any hardware – server, Raspberry Pi, LoRa Gateway, etc
  • Connect thousands of devices
  • Full feature set
Crosser Core Server

Crosser Cloud Server

The Crosser Cloud Server controls the Crosser Fog Nodes. Can also be deployed independently in the Cloud or Datacenter for realtime enabling of other applications or as the first step until the need emerges for locally deployed Crosser Fog Nodes.

  • Deploy in your Datacenter or Cloud service
  • Control and Provisioning of Crosser Fog Nodes
  • Easy to learn user interface with drag ‘n drop Business Rules Engine
  • Automatic scaling of capacity
  • Redundancy
  • Realtime Solutions for non-fog applications
  • Full Crosser feature set
Crosser Embedded Server

Crosser Embedded Server

If you are a software or hardware developer you can integrate Crosser Embedded Server to realtime enable or fogify your solution.

  • Embed in your software application
  • Embed in your Fog hardware
  • Embed in your IoT device
  • Embed realtime in your cloud solution
  • .NET framework - develop with Visual Studio
  • Full functional feature set


Small Memory Footprint

Sub Millisecond actions/decisions
on data server-side

Small Memory Footprint

Parsing 1.500.000+ messages/second

Small Memory Footprint

Small footprint < 10 MB


  • Cross Platform (Linux, Unix, Windows)
  • Module-based architecture with plug-and-play functionality
  • Built for .NET Core, .NET and Mono
  • Easy to scale
  • Choose topology of choice when scaling (star, ring, full/partial mesh)


  • PUB/SUB pattern for simple scenarios
  • RPC/RMI pattern for advanced server-side logic
  • Quality of Service: Support for “AtLeastOnce” and “AtMostOnce” delivery.
  • Replay functionality and access historical data.
  • Support for retained messages
  • Protocol Independent Communication. Connect and communicate cross protocol (HTTP, WebSockets, TCP etc)
  • Send messages to a subset of clients with powerful expressions based on state
  • Event-driven by design


  • Built-in authentication and authorization
  • Easy to configure (Role based) security for PUB/SUB and RPC/RMI
  • Basic and JWT based security model built-in
  • Individual security for each endpoint that enables bridged security. Unsecure -> Secure communication

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