Crosser Fog Computing Structure

Business Intelligence vs Operational Analytics

Business Intelligence analyzes data at rest. Its value comes from analyzing large amount of historic data for strategic insights. This is best done centrally, on the Cloud or in the datacenter.

For us, Operational Analytics is analyzing data in motion and acting on data in realtime based on business rules and algorithms. This is best done in the Edge, closer to the Things.

Crosser Fog Computing Software Monitors Your Data Streams


With Crosser you can monitor any device, data source or protocol, including:

  • Databases
  • Sensor Data Streams
  • Hardware usage
  • LoRaW
  • Filesystems
  • Geofences
  • Websockets
  • Webhooks / HTTP Endpoints
  • Multipel Protocols
  • Multiple Endpoints with Individual Security
  • Full Duplex - Red Phone open connections
  • Cloud services, such as AWS, Azure, IBM or Google
  • MQTT
  • Wired or wireless connection (iBeacon/BLE etc)
  • OPC-UA (industrial M2M communication protocol)
Crosser Fog Computing Editor

Analytics & Rules

Using our drag’n drop Business Rules Engine, or writing code if you prefer, you can build multilayer business logic, both rule based or with algorithms to act on your data streams in realtime. You can use Production/Inference Rules (IF, THEN, ELSE) or Reaction/Event Condition Rules or custom algorithms.

Crosser Realtime Data Streams

Actions in Realtime

With Crosser you have full freedom to act on the data streams in any way you prefer, including:

  • Write to local or central storage
  • Push to Cloud services (AWS, Azure, IBM, Google etc)
  • Messages (SMS, mail, tweet, text etc)
  • Push Notifications
  • WebHooks
  • MQTT messages
  • Red Phone Concept – open, full duplex, connection to mission critical applications
  • Pub/Sub actions to dynamic receivers (Geolocation etc)
  • Stream to any analytics platform
  • Deadband Data Handling – send only data to the Cloud when there are significant changes in value.
  • Batch transfer of data to the Cloud – save data in local storage and batch deliver to the cloud.
Fog Computing Enhance Business

Business innovation and process optimization

When you can take local actions on IoT data in realtime it opens up massive opportunities for business innovation and process optimization. Our software enables you to build IoT driven realtime processes everywhere, even where bandwidth is scarce, unreliable or expensive.

Key Benefits:

  • Realtime enable your IoT data
  • Enables business innovation and process optimization
  • Get ultralow latency and response time in sub millisecond
  • IoT enable processes at sites where bandwidth is scarce, unreliable or expensive
  • Offload your Cloud Service or datacenter – save bandwidth and service/server costs

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