Crosser is selected out of 34 other companies to participate in the HIAB Cargo Hack. With the objective to come up with the most innovative IoT solution possible.

The Hiab Hackathon  “Time for elevation”, continues the success of CargoHack™ hackathons, organized by Cargotec companies to speed up their innovation processes. The goal of the Hiab’s CargoHack™ Hackathon #3 “Time for elevation” is to explore new opportunities in digitalization and connectivity to ensure easier and safer intelligent load handling. 

The world is changing at rapid pace. Connectivity, new forms of communication, technology, and digitalization driving a new era of customer experience and creating new ways to add value to people and businesses. The Hackathon will be organized in collaboration with Industryhack on September 5-7, 2017 at Hudiksvall Hiab Test and Innovation Center in Sweden.

Create the Future

It is a cliche, but simplicity rules, and that´s our internal goal for our scope at Cargo Hack

Says Ulf Bjorklund, Co-founder, and CTO at Crosser.

We want to make it so easy to connect IoT devices and sensors that anyone can do it. And thereby create a fast lane to new business models for HIAB.

It will a tough challenge though there are some great companies and solutions that will attend the Hack. But I´m hopeful to our solution - it will make it really simple to build smart cranes in the future.

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