What We Do

Crosser designs and develops the industry’s first pure-play realtime software solution for Fog Computing architecture.
The Crosser Fog Computing solution offloads Cloud services, provides realtime analytic and decision making capabilities close to IoT sensors and IoT devices. This substantially reduces Cloud services cost and bandwidth costs and gives a sub millisecond response time on data streams for realtime local actions.
The software is ideally suited for Enterprise customers of various industries and applications including industrial IoT, healthcare, smart buildings and smart cities.

Our Story

It started back in 2009 when Uffe Bjorklund, as one of the true pioneers in this field, started a hobby project to build solutions for realtime data communications. The hobby project emerged into a side-project when he released a free version of his realtime communication server to the developer community under the name XSockets. It got over 60.000 downloads in short period of time. Uffe received requests for a commercially supported version which led to the next step with customers around the world using the realtime server for all kinds of projects.

In early 2016, Uffe met with Johan Jonzon, a marketing specialist and Martin Thunman, an experienced networking and tech entrepreneur.Together they realized that the upcoming explosion of IoT devices would create challenges, that only a high performing and smart realtime server could solve. Crosser was then born and the team set out to build the first pure-play software solution following the architecture of the Open Fog Computing Consortium.

The team is located in Stockholm and Sundsvall, Sweden.

Our Vision and Business Idea

At Crosser, our vision is a connected world where everything is connected which will lead to enhanced quality of lives for everyone, a lower carbon footprint and a more secure world. Our business idea is to accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things by enabling realtime analytics and actions at ultraspeed and at places where internet bandwidth is scarce or unreliable.

Crosser Brand Story

Crosser Technologies Cross Device

Cross Devices

Crosser Technologies Cross Connection

Cross Connections

Crosser Technologies

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Crosser Technologies

Cross Technologies

Partner & Echo System

According to Cisco, 500 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2030. For this to become a reality everyone needs to work together and remove all the barriers.

We pledge to be open for partnerships and cooperations with everyone in the eco-system and the value chain. We believe systems integrators will have a key role in putting everything together into solutions and we believe all technology providers need to cooperate with the end-user’s best interest in mind.

If you are part of the eco-system or the value chain, reach out to us.

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