Fog Computing - move the Cloud closer to the Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generating a volume of data never seen before. The opportunity to act on the data might be gone by the time the data makes its way to the cloud for analysis.

Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and others founded the Open Fog Computing Consortium to create a common architecture to address this challenge.

Fog Computing Illustrated

Key Principles

  • The most sensitive data is to be analysed at the network edge, close to where it is generated instead of sending vast amount of data to the cloud
  • Acts on IoT data in milliseconds based on business rules
  • Sends selected data to the cloud for historical analysis and long term storage
Crosser Fog Computing Software Runs on Anything

Runs on Anything

With less than 10 MB in footprint, you can run Crosser software on virtually anything. It runs on Linux, Unix or Windows - OS preference of your choice.

Crosser Connects Everything

Connect Everything

You can connect any IoT device to any cloud service or own data sources. Inside or outside the firewall.

Crosser Fog Computing Editor

Act on data in realtime

Realtime processing of data in the edge, close to the things enables actions in milliseconds. Set multilayer business rules with our drag ‘n drop Business Rules Engine.

SCA Forrest PaperMill, Sweden

Case Study: Industrial IoT for SCA Forest

Crosser manages transportation and flow control for wood industry processing sites. Our software also coordinates the communication for the management system of road storage and arrival notifications to the lumber receiving site.

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